: Dog and Cat

Dental Care

Our team treats dental care as a top priority. We know that animals are just as susceptible to oral health problems and discomfort as people are.

Senior Care

Signs of aging appear little by little over time: a greying coat, loss of agility, reduced hearing and eyesight, changes in appetite, or more time spent resting and sleeping. As a pet owner, it’s important accept and adapt to these changes so you can offer your pet the best possible...

Ultrasound and X-rays

We are proud to provide our clients on-site imaging services. Our X-ray and ultrasound equipment allow us to quickly take precise images, minimizing any stress for your cat or dog and allowing for quicker treatment if necessary.

Surgical Procedures

At Hôpital Vétérinaire du Plateau, we use a laser for general surgery, relying on the most efficient methods to manage pain and administer general anesthesia. We always perform a pre-operative veterinary exam and blood tests to ensure your pet has no health conditions that could interfere with surgery.