Our animal health team is here to support you during this difficult time. If you believe your dog or cat is suffering and that euthanasia might be the best option, please reach out to us. We can assess their health and help you make a decision.

In what situations could euthanasia be necessary?

Some reasons you might consider euthanasia for your pet include terminal illness, a serious accident or dangerous behaviour toward people. A veterinarian will assess your pet’s quality of life and how much pain they are in to determine whether euthanasia is necessary.

How is euthanasia performed?

Euthanasia is a two-step process. A first injection is administered containing a sedative to calm the animal and alleviate pain. A second injection, the euthanasia solution, is then given. The second injection sends the animal into a deep sleep and stops their heart.

Can I stay with my pet during the euthanasia procedure?

You are welcome to be with your pet during their last moments, though it is not required. We know this is a difficult, emotionally charged time, and the choice is ultimately a personal one.

How can I honour my pet’s memory?

Different kinds of memorial keepsakes are available, including commemorative jewelry, an imprint of your pet’s paw print or a personalized urn.