Worms can be treated with antiparasitic medication that kills different types of worms found in the intestines. The treatment does not necessarily prevent your pet from catching worms when they’re outside, but it eliminates the worms before they can grow and multiply. Your veterinarian can help you establish a preventative treatment schedule based on your pet’s age and lifestyle.

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What are the symptoms of worms?

Intestinal parasites (worms) can often go unnoticed until the infestation becomes severe. Once this happens, you’ll notice signs such as diarrhea, the presence of blood or worms in the stool, and vomiting. Weight loss is also common. There are different types of worms (flat, round, hooked, etc.), and they can all affect your pet in different ways.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about worms. We can conduct a fecal test to evaluate your pet’s health.

Why is it important to deworm my pet even when they’re young?

Deworming your dog or cat, especially at a young age, is vital because worms can cause health complications that affect your pet’s growth.

Can I use garlic as a dewormer?

Garlic has zero effect on intestinal parasites, despite its strong and sometimes unpleasant odour. Garlic is also toxic to animals and destroys their red blood cells. You should always speak with your veterinarian before using any kind of antiparasitic treatment.

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